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A professional videographer-editor. 

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About Me

My Skills and Achievements

I’m self-made & self-taught videographer.

All the knowledge and skills that I possess, I learned from open sources in the process of endless self-education and self-improvement. Modern realities force to be multitasking and effective multi-specialist. I myself can write a script, set the light, shoot, edit, work with sound and more.

My experience of filming extends from reporting from the music awards of RU TV to filming plastic surgery for breast augmentation.

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Highlights of experience


Advertising manager

I have a degree in advertising and public relations.
I worked in advertising for five years.
This gave me a great background: I can help the client to clearly define their target audience, form a unique offer, clearly and logically convey the idea in the video.


Reconstructive Medicine Clinic

I worked in plastic surgery clinic for about a half of year. I have shooted a lot of different kinds of plastic operation. It was hard and amazing in the same time!


Videographer - editor

I’ve shot videos on red carpets, bio labs and auto repair shops. I was at celebrations and events of various levels, was a photojournalist at international events. I was part of a large film crew as a steadicam operator.


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My Team

All myself

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