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If someone had ever told me I was gonna end up in an operating room, with a camera in my hands, and during plastic surgery, I never would have believed it!

The amazing thing about our live is that you never know where you might be tomorrow or a couple of months from now, who you might meet and under what circumstances.

It may frighten someone, but it certainly inspires me!


Usually people ask me

It must be scary, isn't it?

You are scared only on the first surgery. After that it becomes incredibly interesting!
I am

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The shooting of operations is a demanding, laborious and difficult exercise. It is psychologically difficult.

The main task is not to interfere with the doctor while he is operating. I have tried to be as discreet and tidy as possible in my actions and movements. The first time, they explained to me the area and radius within which I could be. It was not possible to get closer for reasons of sterility, so all the necessary close-ups had to be done with a long focus.

I couldn’t use professional lighting because all the lighting was set up for the doctor’s convenience and comfort at work.
The light source above the operating table gives a directional stream of light. This caused problems in setting up the exposure, as the difference between the illumination of the operating table and the surrounding space, including the doctor, was quite large.
It is worth mentioning that the filming was necessary to wear a hat, a mask and a medical uniform.

All filming was done only with the patient’s consent.


Проиграть видео
Проиграть видео

At the stage of post production, most of the videos had to be made as safe and harmless as possible. It was necessary to remove all frames illustrations of the operational process. 
However, some of the videos had to be made as natural and detailed as possible so that, for example, the doctor could explain and demonstrate the technique of the operation.
I’ve decided not to post these videos on my page — you can see them on the doctor’s website.


What about


Filming was difficult psychologically, because you’re in an operating theatre with specific medical smells, tools, equipment. The one thing that makes the biggest difference is that there’s a person on the operating table. He is breathing, while his body is manipulated in different ways.
However, I quickly learned to detach myself from that fact and, for the most part, to look only at the field the surgeon was working on. When you try to think of it as just work, without emotion, it gets easier.

After passing this threshold the unimaginable world of plastic surgery opens! I sincerely admire the doctor I worked for — plastic surgeon Dr Gulnara Shah. In fact, I wouldn’t call plastic surgery just medicine — it’s an action at the intersection of medicine and art. An experienced surgeon is a sculptor of the human body. As arrogant as that sounds, you really start to think that after you see the patient «before», the procedure and the patient «after».
It’s something unbelievable and out of my head!
At Gulnara Shavkatova each operation was as aesthetic and clean as possible. And after the second surgery, I started to follow things with great interest, even without taking a break.

I shot


Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Breast reduction
Plastic nose tip
Face lift

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